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        15 years of experiences in Precision Machining service.

        Aluminum is a soft, lightweight, non-magnetic, dull grey or silver-colored metal that can be formed into almost any shape. It is also a good conductor of electricity though.

        Aluminum Machined Parts are commonly machined in a different variety of Aluminum alloy, the most common being 6061-T6. P4W supply the aluminum custom machined parts, screw machined products and CNC turning parts for the electronics, auto, transportation, medical, aerospace and security industries as well as others that require custom Aluminum prototypes.

        P4W supplied aluminum machined parts:

        Aluminum CNC turning parts
        Aluminum CNC milling parts
        Aluminum custom machined parts
        Aluminum screw machined products

        Requested information before Quote:

        1.) A fully dimensioned drawing / sketch (PDF, CAD,JPG...)
        2.) The raw material specified.
        3.) The quantities you want us to quote.
        4.) Any necessary secondary operations, e.g. surface treatment.

        Our advantages in aluminum parts:

        1.) Extensive experience in design for manufacturability (DFM).
        2.) Awesome supports & fast response.
        3.) Experienced in global supply chain.
        4.) No hidden costs & no risks.

        Applications of aluminum machining parts:

        1.) Aluminum machined parts for Electronics industries.
        2.) Aluminum machined parts for Medical industries.
        3.) Aluminum machined parts for Aerospace industries.
        4.) Aluminum machined parts for Automotive industries.

        Need a Request for Quotation service for your aluminum parts?

        Aluminum is a popular choice for many custom machined parts & non-standard parts and components:

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