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        15 years of experiences in Precision Machining service.

        Custom precision decorative brass knurled thumb nuts & brass screw machined products

        Decorative brass thumb nuts - brass screw machined products - for Germany knurled thumb nuts
        China decorative brass knurled thumb nuts & screw machined products manufacturer

        P4W has machined decorative brass knurled thumb nuts for over 15 years. You can contact and order your brass thumb nuts directly or send your custom brass screw machined products drawing in CAD/PDF for a fast quote.

        As a precision machining service provider and contract manufacturer, we are constantly trying to create a great user experience and help users achieve their goals.

        In our daily work, we are using all kinds of common machining technical, such as precision CNC machining or Swiss CNC turning to meet the custom brass knurled thumb nuts and brass screw machined products requirements from customer.

        How to work with us - If any questions welcome to contact us!

        1. Quotation by Email
        Please send below information to sales@parts4world.com
        a.) Drawings with all demensions - .PDF/.DWG
        b.) Material
        c.) Surface finish
        d.) Quantity
        e.) Important notes

        2. Order Comfirmation
        a.) Customer place a Order to P4W by email or a formal order file.
        b.) P4W is to provide a Proforma Invoice to feedback lead-time/payment terms for Order confirmation.

        3. Sampling / Mass Production

        4. Quality Inspection Reports for outgoing shipment

        5. Delivery
        We work with International Courier Service for fast, efficient and affordable convenient , such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc.
        Air Freight and Sea Freight are also available for reliable, economical, even regular scheduled shipping arrangement. Terms of Price: Ex Works, FCA, FOB, CIF, DDU, etc.

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