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        15 years of experiences in Precision Machining service.

        brass precision turning parts manufacturer
        Precision Turning.

        Precision turning is the removal of metal from the outer diameter of a rotating cylindrical workpiece...

        More precision turning parts
        stainless steel screw machined parts
        Screw Machining.

        Screw machining also named automatic lathe machining, used to machine small to medium parts from various sizes of bar...

        More screw machined products
        Chinese cnc machining parts work shop
        CNC Machining.

        CNC machining is a digital manufacturing method: it produces high-accuracy precision parts with excellent physical properties...

        More CNC machining parts
        service img4
        Swiss Machining.

        Swiss machining is a high precision manufacturing process. It is used to produce machined parts with CNC controlled lathes...

        More Swiss machining parts
        service img5
        Stamping & Bending.

        Metal forming method in which a sheet is shaped by stamping, bending, pressing, stretching, usually with punch machine...

        More stamping parts
        service img6
        Assembly & Packaging.

        P4W offers a packaging services of tailor-made machined parts for our precision manufacturing and assembly services...

        More custom components services
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