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        15 years of experiences in Precision Machining service.

        China precision machining contract manufacturer quality control process

        P4W do believe that QUALITY is lifeblood and everything for a precision machining service supplier. A Quality Control Processing is applied to keep improving our quality of custom machined parts. According to part profile and dimensions, each custom precision machining project is with variant quality control plan.

        In one words, nothing is more important than production quality. As a professional precision turning and CNC machining manufacturer, we have set up a critical Standard Operating Procedure of quality control process as below.

        Generally speaking, we define four steps of quality inspection proess for each production. The inspection items is usually including incoming raw material, machioning process, finished precision machining parts, and out-going inspection before shipment.

        Custom CNC turning parts contract manufacturer


        Incoming Quality Control: all incoming raw material for precision machining production are checked & marked for receipt inspection before used. Varies measurements are taken to check against approved data. Once rejected, raw material are sent back.

        IPQC inspection of custom CNC turning parts production


        In Process Quality Control Section: We perform inspections during the machining maufacturing process. Frequency of inspection depends on the quality standard set forth by the project. All manufacture datas are recorded for future reference.

        Precision turning parts & CNC turning parts FQC inspection


        Final Quality Control: All finished custom machined parts are inspected according to our quality standard for each project. Finished parts are sampled according to the AQL sampling rate before they leave our production shop into the warehouse.

        precision thread parts manufacturer


        Out-going Quality Control: Our QC team will randomly check any finished precision custom machined parts in the warehouse before it goes out for shipment. This last inspection ensure zero defect machined parts are shipped to our customer.

        What our client says.

        stainless screw machined paroducts

        “P4W work shop was recommend to me from my partner. Very impressive of the machined parts manufacturer, highly skilled engineer, with state of the art machinery equals high quality finish surface work.” [...]

        Tom Smith
        black anodizing aluminum cnc tuning parts

        “You have a great team. Thank you for your supplied the black anodizing aluminum CNC turning parts they helped to save our time & money more. our customer very satisfied the quality and on time shipping. Good job! ” [...]

        Steven Hobbs
        brass precision turning custom coupling nuts & extension nuts

        “We had a strict tolerance and tight deadline on a project of CNC machined parts and I contacted Bill for help, he was able to get the job done in time for us to complete and meet our quality & deadline. Perfect support.” [...]

        Christina Carpenter
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